Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Why I love traveling II

Getting to know two Swedish girls in New Zealand and then meeting them in Sydney and Melbourne. Making two new Swedish friends.

Meeting a couple from Germany and sharing one of the best hiking experiences in New Zealand ever and many other moments.

Meeting the same couple from the Netherlands unintentionally in Kawazaki, in a monastery on a mountain and on an island with wild deers. Deciding that this must be destiny and spending the afternoon together hiking and laughing. 

Meeting a group of Japanese tourists in a cable way. One of the woman asks for a picture together with me (guess because I'm tall and blonde) and my home address. Receiving a picture of me and a group of 70 years old Japanese tourists.

Sitting on a stone on the beach in Vancouver, when an obviously drug addicted young guy comes to me. He gives me a dirty sheet of paper, folded. I open it. It's a drawing showing me sitting on a stone.

Renting an airbnb apartment from a woman in Melbourne. Get an invitation to join her on a five days vacation in a 5-stars hotel in Honolulu. For free. Sharing the same insane humour and laughing till it hurts about a toothbrush and Darth Vader.

Wishing to book a cruise to Alaska last minute but everything is sold out. The client of a friend from Vancouver is working for a cruise booking company and gives great advice. Finally book the cruise.

Buying a bike helmet on Craigslist and finding a friend.

Staying with a multitalented real estate booker and getting a piece of self-made jewellery as a present.

Meeting a woman on the plane, meeting her again in Melbourne and becoming friends.

Speaking to a guy in Maui that is an expert on nutrition and thinking about food in a different way. From now on trying hard to stay away from wheat.

Talking honestly with a mother in Portland about parent/child perspective. Feeling like talking to a friend. 

Being on a lonely Panamanian island with a couple from Germany and feeling less lonely especially when things are not exactly going well.

Meeting friends of a friend in Tokyo and getting an close and extremely interesting insight into Japanese tradition and culture.

Meeting a friend of a friend in Tokyo and becoming friends.

Spending a fun day in the unbearable Mexican heat together with a girl from the U.S. who is a brave and free bird and becoming friends.

Getting a book advice from a German tourist in New Zealand. Few weeks later desperately trying to think of the name. Two months later standing in front of a book shelf and one book stands out. Realising that it is the same book I was looking for.

Meeting a girl from Hamburg on a scary Mexican night bus and finding a friend.


Thank you 
Beatrix, Bernadette, Benjamin, Hanna, Lisa, Matthew, Jas, Danita, Mark, Naoko, Keiko, Matt, Jerome, Lisa, Shelly, Charlena, Laurence, Maggie, Leopoldo, Maria, Gesa, Rob, Cicely, Terri, Melanie, Jörg, Aaron, Chloe, Hervé...

Thank you to all the people I have met on this journey. Thank you for spending your precious time with me.


P.S.: So, Blog-Endspurt Leute... Schaffen wir noch die 10.000 clicks? Legt euch ins Zeug!

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Es war eine Ehre mit Dir die lakes zu entdecken!!! Viele grüsse und weiter Gute reise!

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